Key Features

Smart Data Hub

Pine C&I’s Smart Data Hub is a data platform that extracts value from data fragments
by promoting interoperability, convergence, openness and flexibility between heterogeneous data.

Smart Data Hub is applied in service developments to enable collection · storage · management · analytics · distribution and utilization of data.

Smart Data Hub : Role

  • Allows efficient service implementation by facilitating connections between various data systems based on standard modelling
  • Provides systematic data collection · analytics · processing · distribution services
  • Enables development of various services by sharing · analyzing urban and institution data
  • Contributes to finding solutions for various city and institution complications by analyzing · processing stored data
  • Fosters a “data ecosystem” just by connecting data systems and enabling bi-directional flow of data between Smart Data Hub and smart service domain

Optimization of massive volume of data analytics process

via NGSI-LD Global Standard application


Smart Data Hub : Functional Components

  • Data management tools and big data storage facilitates systematic management and utilization of massive volume of complex data
  • Global standard API and common data model promotes data interoperability
  • Cloud environment enables data analytics and prediction function utilization
  • Sandbox AI analytics VM(Virtual Machine) server(CPU, DB, OS) and tool, solution environment increases user usability
  • Able to create AI model and data using Smart Data Hub’s AI analytics server and solutions with no additional AI development tool or solution

Smart Data Hub : Service Components

  • Serves as a platform that provides integrated management and services of distributed data
  • Promotes digital transformation of cities and institutions via standard data modelling
  • Operates as a Smart City Data Hub that provides connections between various data platforms
  • Delivers collected urban data to citizens and facilitates creation of new business models
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    Connection · Collection · Storage

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    Data Analytics

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    Data Processing

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    Data Set

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    Information Provision
    Service (API)

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    Citizen · User
    Analytics System

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    User Portal
    (Open Data Set)

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    Data Marketplace
    (Data Trade)

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    Support for New
    Business Model Development

Able to expand and apply to various data-driven services

for each industry, institution and enterprise


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